With the future of cars constantly evolving and ADAS becoming part of everyday cars we now can offer calibration using the Hella Gutmann equipment to ensure first time repairs.


Reliably test and maintain advanced driving assistance systems.

ADAS includes a wide range of safety features for vehicles such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), lane keep assist, night vision cameras and adaptive lighting.

By 2020, it is predicted that more than 40% of new vehicles will have at least two types of driver assistance systems fitted as standard so the need for calibration will continue to grow.


With the future of cars becoming more advanced our driving habits and driving style is changing. The car has not only become our second home but also a place of sanctuary, and a place we feel safe. This is only possible with the technology that has been developed for us by the manufacture.

ADAS a system that protects us, the people we love and people around us is an innovative way. It uses camera’s and radar’s depending on the type of system fitted to prevent collisions or prepare the car for the inevitable accident. This system is fantastic in giving peace of mind and assurances to the driver in poor road conditions.​​

So when do you need to get the ADAS system checked or calibrated

To prevent any inconsistancys with the radar and or camera reading the road ahead the system does need to be calibrated after repairs.

The repairs range from,

  • Windscreen renewal
  • Four wheel alignment
  • Body work repair
  • ​ADAS sensor renewal

Intuitive tools for the repair


Please contact us for the full range of options that are available on your car.